Sugar Grove discusses senior living development

By on April 4, 2014

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday discussed the planning and restrictions that would accompany a village zoning district exclusively for seniors over the age of 55.

The 60-unit apartment complex designated for seniors would be built on approximately 6 acres of land and would have the specific accommodations for a zoning district for seniors.

A portion of Galena Boulevard, just west of the Walgreens on Division Drive, is being considered for the zoning district.

James White, attorney at White & Ekker, P.C., was in attendance on Tuesday to address the board’s questions. White explained the importance of adhering to a specific age restriction for the zoning district when asked if there is any lenience for age restriction.

“We want to make sure it stays in the age restricted for each development, because a lot of things change if you change the age restriction, like the amount of parking available,” White said.

Public Works Director Anthony Speciale mentioned one of the differences of living in an age restricted area.

“Where I live, there is an age restriction on 18 and under, and we receive a break on school impact fees,” he said.

Village trustee Rick Montalto voiced his concern about restricting the age limit.

“I’m all for building age-restricted developments, but my concern is down the road, seniors will leave if we tax our pensions,” Montalto said. “Worst case scenario, we would have a mass exodus of seniors leaving Illinois because their pensions are getting taxed.”

According to White, if Montalto’s scenario played out, the village could request a rezoning and potentially even change the age restriction.

“This plan gives the village the most control,” White said. “I commend them for researching this and allowing reason to come in and create guidelines. As a developer, we want to find a target and hit it.”

The board has an internal meeting with White where it will discuss the information addressed during Tuesday’s meeting. According to White, the next step would be the Committee of the Whole meeting, followed by a potential approval in May.