Letter: A thank you to blood drive participants

By on April 4, 2014

This has been a long and difficult winter, but you helped us fill the shortages of every blood type. We thank the Sugar Grove Firefighters Auxiliary, the Sugar Grove Fire Department, the Heartland Blood Center staff and all our other volunteers for their hard work on a successful blood drive.
A heartfelt thank you to our awesome donors: Suzanne Barnhart, Judy Burscheid, Erika Carlson, Brian Carpenter, Paul Carter, Amy Curtin, Matt Curtin, Jon Diaz, Sue Diaz, Michelle Ehlers, Scott Fagust, Amanda Felella, Elise Fichtel, Ann Guernon, Brandon Hamblen, Lori Hamilton Coffey, George Hannemann, Dustin Hawkins, Pam Hughes, Colleen Ickes, John Jandovitz, Kristen Johns, Doug Jorgensen, Laura Keske, Steve Kowalczyk, Nicole Lamela, Ed Malert, Bonnie Mateas, Sally McClellan, Suzanne McCracken, Sean Michels, Pat Morey, Bryan Needham, Clarence Nolan, Kirsten Pehl, Bill Perkins, Jenny Perkins, Nika Plattos, Rachel Roop, Jodie Rubo, Brian Schiber, Jennifer Schmidt, Edward Schuster, Christy Seawall, Gregory W. Smith, Chris Steenwyk, Jeff Steenwyk, Jeni Suehs, Colby Suits, Patricia Torza, Kyle Wease, Alicia Weiss, Emily West, Michael Wilger, Annette Wood and Ally Woody.
We deeply appreciate those who attempted but were unable to donate blood.
Joy Rubo
Blood drive coordinator, Sugar Grove