Letter: School Board unconcerned with taxpayers’ financial interests?

By on April 4, 2014

The Kaneland School Board recently authorized spending $225,000 on 91 iPad Minis and 588 Chromebooks for the district’s students without informing themselves or the District tax payers of an implementation plan for the devices. Yet at the same meeting, the board tabled the vote to raise the hot lunch cost by $.50 in order to obtain more information.
Taxpayers—does it seem like the board members, whom we have elected, are not diligently watching out for our financial interests? The board will spend close to a quarter of a million dollars on electronics without a plan and question a $.50 increase for hot lunches that is required to be compliant with the state Board of Education.
Or do you, the taxpayers of District 302, even care how our tax monies are handled by the Kaneland School Board?
Jeff Armesy
Sugar Grove