Village’s tentative budget available for public inspection

By on April 11, 2014

“We won’t get to any of these projects unless we put it out in front of us and start saving for it. That’s budgeting 101.” Jeff Walter (right) Elburn Village Board trustee

ELBURN—The Elburn Village Board on Monday approved a tentative budget that will be available for public viewing at Village Hall through Monday, April 21.

The board will hold a public hearing on the proposed $6.2 million 2014-15 fiscal year budget at its April 21 meeting, after which the final budget could be approved. The fiscal year begins May 1.

Some discussion took place among the trustees regarding the recreation fund, which they had voted at the last board meeting to keep as a separate fund, distinct from the general operating fund.

Trustees also asked that $11,400 in revenues from Elburn gaming establishments be placed into that fund, to pay for necessary park maintenance. But trustee Ethan Hastert, who had voted against the separate fund in earlier meetings, said he had concerns about putting additional money into the account, without anything specific in mind to spend it on.

Last year’s budget set aside $8,000 for maintenance; this year’s proposed budget sets aside $55,000.

Trustee Dave Gualdoni expressed his concern over the village’s liability with its current parks and equipment, which is out of compliance, as well as having some safety issues.

Trustee Jeff Walter said he was concerned that, unless the village has a vision for its parks and recreation, nothing will happen.

“We won’t get to any of these projects unless we put it out in front of us and start saving for it,” he said. “That’s budgeting 101.”

Trustee Pat Schuberg agreed, saying she would like to see a punch list of maintenance items that were needed for the parks and equipment.

Trustee Ken Anderson said he would rather leave the budget as it was, keeping the gaming income in the recreation fund.