SG seeks Elburn’s support for I-88 interchange expansion

By on May 14, 2009

by Martha Quetsch
Sugar Grove Village President Sean Michels wants a letter of support from the Elburn Village Board for the proposed full-access interchange at I-88 and Route 47. However, two Elburn trustees said the village should seek something in return.

“I’d like to see some quid pro quo,” trustee Jeff Walter said.

Elburn’s approval will help Sugar Grove obtain government funding for the $25 million project, which will bring development to Sugar Grove, Michels said.

“We’d be in a much better position to get federal money, whether stimulus or transportation bill funds, if we have regional support,” Michels said Tuesday.

Elburn trustees reviewed Michels’ request during the Committee of the Whole meeting Monday.

Walter is concerned that if the interchange is expanded, it will attract so much development that Sugar Grove quickly might start annexing property northward along Route 47 toward Elburn. Before that happens, Walter wants the two villages to agree on annexation boundaries.

Trustee Ken Anderson wants boundaries established, too, with a buffer zone between the two villages.

Michels said Tuesday that he is in favor of creating boundaries, but that the Elburn and Sugar Grove village boards in the past could not agree what those should be. He hopes that with three new trustees, the Elburn board will be able to come to an agreement with Sugar Grove.

Village President Dave Anderson told trustees he will discuss trustees’ concerns with Michels before bringing the interchange project letter-of-support request to the Village Board for a vote.

Currrently, no eastbound off-ramp or westbound on-ramp exists at I-88 and Route 47.

Elburn trustee Ken Anderson also suggested Sugar Grove could use its developer funds to help pay for the Anderson Road extension and railway overpass to alleviate traffic congestion expected in Elburn after the interchange is built.

Designs created
Sugar Grove has design options for the proposed expansion of the I-88 interchange at Route 47 it will present to the Illinois Department of Transportation for review. The designs are part of a $200,000 study conducted by a consultant during the past few months. The Elburn Village Board last year declined to support the study.


  1. gkue

    May 16, 2009 at 4:30 AM

    The Tollway Authority wants Sugar Grove and Elburn to pay for improvements to it’s infrastructure? Does this mean that Sugar Grove and Elburn will share in the increased revenue these improvements will generate? Or does this mean that residents of Sugar Grove and Elburn get to pay twice? Once for the road and again anytime we need to use it? Have all interchanges on the Tollway been funded this way, by the Communities affected?

    Gary Kuehnle

  2. gkue

    May 19, 2009 at 5:02 PM

    Hello readers, this is the reply I received from the Tollway Authority

    The Illinois Tollway’s Interchange Policy requires local participation from communities that benefit from Tollway improvements and enhanced access. For example, the Tollway has an agreement with the City of Aurora and DuPage County for constructing the Eola Road interchange project because the city and county will directly benefit from the new interchange.

    Agreements are also in place with other communities for funding other improvements, including a $20 million local contribution for interchange improvements from communities directly benefiting from the construction of the 12.5 mile extension of the Veterans Memorial Tollway (I-355) in Will County.

    Gary Kuehnle