D302 Board discusses survey results

By on April 18, 2014

KANELAND—The Kaneland School Board on Monday heard the results of the inaugural Parent Satisfaction Survey.

The survey consisted of 30 questions and had participation of Kaneland parents from elementary to high school, with the most completed results coming from the elementary level. A total of 1,346 total parents answered survey questions. The elementary level had 712, middle school at 305 and high school at 329.

According to Kaneland Superintendent Dr. Jeff Schuler, 100 percent participation in the survey would have equated to about 4,800 people.

Student safety resulted in a score of 4.09 (on a 5.0 scale). Teacher-parent relations was 3.98, principal resulted in 3.94, technology was 3.62, student learning was 3.52, and the lowest factor was student engagement at 3.51.

The satisfaction portion of the survey was scored on a scale of 1 to 100 percent, with 100 percent indicating highest satisfaction. The highest scores in this section pertained to teachers providing “just the right amount of homework.” The second-highest was how “teachers treat me respectfully,” and the next-highest, felt the school building is both clean and well-kept.

A 6 percent, or “not at all satisfied,” was scored to the question of “my child is consistently prepared for the next education level.” A 7 percent example was scored to the question of “how well do activities match student interests?”

District-level questions included preferred communication via direct email at 86 percent. Food service resulted in 39 percent, and the district’s fund use at 51 percent and personal technology at 41 percent.

Specific information pertaining to school buildings and Kaneland staff will be given to establish building goals and professional development plans.

Schuler commented on the lesson engagement concern in the survey.

“We want to dig in that a little bit more,” he said.