Elburn should demand more from Mediacom

By on January 15, 2009

Recently the village of Elburn sent out a survey and asked about our town’s cable provider—Mediacom. While I have been reasonably satisfied with Mediacom’s Internet service, their cable service has left a lot to be desired.

The most disturbing part about Mediacom is their high prices—I am paying over $85 to $100 a month, and I am on the introductory rate. This is way too high.

But the main reason I am writing is because we are just not getting what we are paying for. In their February issue, Consumer Reports compared many major cable companies, and it was no surprise that Mediacom was near the bottom of the rankings. In Internet service, Mediacom was ranked 22nd out of 25 companies, and in television service, Mediacom was dead last (in fact, they were the only company given the lowest possible ranking for reliability, channel selection, picture and sound).

Elburn needs a better company providing internet and TV to its citizens. I am hopeful that AT&T’s U-verse makes it out here soon. Either way, the leaders of Elburn need to look over the surveys citizens sent in and take into account current rankings from Consumer Digest and demand better value from Mediacom or switch providers all together.

Jeff Otterby

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  1. mike the taxpayer

    February 5, 2009 at 11:14 PM

    Jeff well said. My question for anyone, not just you Jeff is; why on Earth do our leaders have anything to do with our cable? Why would they get involved number one and why would they want to limit who comes here by signing a 10 year lease with them? Do we have a contract with McDonalds saying Taco Bell can’t come open in Elburn because we already have a fast food provider? Is Subway our only sandwich provider until we renegioate? My proposal is this; let them come. Let them all come. Let’s have every Tom Dick and Harry cable company offer us service. Do you think mediacom will stay at 85 bucks a month? Do you think they will start trying a little harder to have more relieable service? I think so. It is the consumers job to pick whichever cable company they want, not the villages.