Elburn prepares for new growth with controlled burns

By on April 24, 2014

ELBURN—The Elburn Village Board on Monday discussed controlled burns that were coordinated by the Public Works Department and carried out on Saturday at Blackberry Creek.

“There were several ponds that had prairies near them that we burned,” said John Nevenhoven, director of Public Works. “We decided to do it on Saturday because it would have smoked out the school if we did it during the week.”

The village recently gained control of the land near Blackberry Creek and decided it was an appropriate time to schedule a controlled burn. Residents had also been requesting that a controlled burn be performed in that area as well, according to Nevenhoven. The cost for the project was $7,700, with another controlled burn scheduled for this weekend near Pouley Road.

There had not been a controlled burn in Blackberry Creek in nearly eight years. A portion of leftover money in the budget allowed Public Works to burn the area to prepare for new growth.