Sugar Grove talks senior living development

By on May 9, 2014

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday discussed the details regarding construction of the senior living development that will be located on the north side of Galena Boulevard, just west of Division Drive.

David Burg, Principal of PIRHL, was in attendance during the meeting to introduce their development company and explain the architectural design and style of the senior living development.

The board brought up the topic of tax credits that would help to finance this development. Burg explained the details of the tax credits available.

“There are other developers that compete for an affordable housing tax credit that work with IDOT,” Burg said. “It is an incredibly hard tax credit to receive, and one-in-four applications receive it. We can build to the quality you expect and keep rent low for seniors on fixed incomes.”

There were several design boards that PIRHL brought to the meeting to show the layout of the development and the architectural style of the building. The representatives from PIRHL explained that the building will be an “L” shaped, three-story building with elevators. There is a drive close to the building that would provide for drop-offs and emergency occurrences.

The three-story senior living development is designed to appear like a home, according to the representatives from PIRHL. They have tried to de-emphasize the height of the building with featured trim on the exterior of the building between floors, and there is a brick exterior to highlight the first floor.

The board asked about a large section of the plan that was sectioned off. According to the representatives in attendance, the area in question is a large section of land that has a higher moisture content and cannot be impacted, only maintained.

“This area will be mowed and will look like a lawn,” Burg said. “There will be grasses planted to make it more consistent and aesthetically pleasing.”

It was also mentioned during the meeting that there will be a community area, or “great room,” available to the residents of the senior living development, providing them with a place to gather with friends or family.

The Village Board inquired about storage room available to the residents for items such as bikes during the winter. The representatives said that there will be a mechanical room, and that they will take another look to find out if that storage room could include bikes. Each room will have adequate storage space with several closets.

There will be six fully accessible units equipped with grab bars (and other necessary items for the elderly), and the rest of the units would be considered “fully adaptable,” meaning that they could become fully accessible.

The representatives from PIRH explained that early in the project, a hot line will be set up, and they will determine at what point they can begin a wait list, which usually occurs six months before people are able to move into the development.