Editorial: Honoring the veterans through the Healing Field

By on May 15, 2014

We ran a story last week detailing the upcoming Healing Field events that will take place at Kaneland High School over Memorial Day Weekend. We’d like to use this space to elaborate a little bit on next weekend’s Healing Field activities.

In the days leading up to Memorial Day Weekend, the field to the east of KHS will become a Healing Field, boasting over a thousand American flags sitting upon 8-foot-tall flagstaffs.

And that’s where the public comes in, as it will have an opportunity to sponsor a flag in the Healing Field. Individuals and businesses can purchase a single flag for $35. A small business sponsorship is five flags for $500. A corporate sponsorship is 10 flags for $1,000. All proceeds will go to local American Legions in Maple Park, Elburn and Sugar Grove.

The flags honor the veterans and military who have sacrificed their time and talents—and even their very lives—in defense of this country’s freedom. Also, each sponsored flag has a story and honors a hero who is identified by an attached name tag. And once the Healing Field display has concluded, the sponsored flags may be taken home and displayed as a continuing reminder of service to this nation.

Flag tagging will take place during the Healing Field opening ceremony on Saturday, May 24, at 10 a.m. The Memorial Day ceremony will take place Monday, May 26, at noon.

The Healing Field itself will take place from Friday, May 23, to Tuesday, May 27.

This Memorial Day Weekend, consider becoming a sponsor for the greatest of causes. If you’re interested in sponsoring a Healing Field flag or helping with next weekend’s ceremonies, contact rudy.keller@kaneland.org or visit healingfield.org/kaneland14/. Remember, when it comes to honoring those who have served this country, every little contribution counts.