Letter to the Editor: #LetKanelandRun

By on May 17, 2014

Editors note: the IHSA announced that they will allow Kaneland and Rock Falls to run.

Last night (May 16) was our track and field 2A sectionals held at Freeport High School. Me and my other 4×800 teammates junior Aislinn Lodwig, senior Sydney Strang, and freshman Becca Richtman ran a 9:50, eight seconds under the qualifying time of 9:58. But due a short circuit the clocks stopped before the race finished. That should have been no problem due to back up clocks, but there was because someone decided to put both clocks on the same circuit causing there to be no official time. So three IHSA starting officials had to make the decision on what to do.

All our hard work all season and sacrifices were in their hands. They decided to take the top two teams down to state, and since we got third place kaneland, who made qualifying time, was sadly left out of the race at state next weekend.

Many people in the community heard about this and were all just as upset if not more, that due to faulty equipment we were robbed at a chance to run at state.

If you go on twitter and look up #letkanelandrun you’ll see multiple schools, high school students from all ages, graduates, even parents are coming together to show their support for our 4×800 team to have a chance to run at state.

I don’t know if all the emails to IHSA and all the people tweeting them will make them reconsider their decision, but I just want to know that we at least tried and we aren’t going down without a fight.

Looking back at the end of the season with my teammates we know what we did that night at sectionals and everyone else there too knows if. We don’t need IHSA to tell us we qualified because we did and we killed it, and most of all we left it all on the track. I am sending this letter just to spread what happened to my team so that next year and the years to come no other team is robbed at something they deserved and worked all year for.

Thank you for taking time and reading my submission,


Jessica Kucera
Kaneland High School