National Honor Society recognition

By on May 22, 2014

KANELAND—Jarod Erlandson is a recent National Honor Society member who calls being a part of the group “a complete honor.”

Erlandson is a Sugar Grove resident and junior at Kaneland High School.

“It’s something that I’ve always aimed for,” Erlandson said. “It’s always been a goal of mine and I think being a part of that is—it’s really special.”

Erlandson was one of 63 selected KHS juniors and seniors inducted into National Honor Society.

Those inducted have to meet specific criteria like high standards of leadership recognition or awards and service, co-curricular, community involvement and character. Students must also have a 3.7 or higher cumulative grade point average.

James Horne is an advisor of Kaneland’s National Honor Society, and a teaching and instructional coach at Kaneland High School. He said that students have to show that they are involved at KHS, like in sports or clubs.

“There’s no real formula for (NHS,) because all students are interested in different things,” Horne said. “Really what we want to see is that the students are well-rounded.”

Erlandson knows what it’s like to balance homework, studying, tests, and sports like baseball and basketball.

“Trying to juggle homework and tests and everything with that—it’s really hard to do,” Erlandson said. “And then you got friends. I hang out with them, (talk) to them, and just (build) relationships. And then you also have to have a positive relationship with your parents, too. So when your mom has to ask you to do those chores, you have to do them. You got to keep that going on.”

Erlandson has also taken on a leadership role as centerspread editor for the KHS Kaneland Krier publication.

Sugar Grove resident Sarah Wolfe, a junior, is a fellow NHS member who knows about putting forth effort.

So, what did it take to land that achievement?

“Just a lot of dedication and persistence and studying, and being involved outside of school with community service and things like that,” Wolfe said.

Omar Aguilar, junior Aurora resident, knows what it took for him.

“It took taking plenty of hard classes,” Aguilar said. “A lot of sleepless nights, a lot of dedication, being in a lot of activities and a lot of community service.”

Blaine Rivas of Sugar Grove is a KHS junior who appreciates being a part of NHS.

“It’s a great honor,” Rivas said. “I worked really hard for it. I feel like it’s really cool to be around a bunch of smart kids that I guess go through the same things that I had to go through—studying every night and working hard.”

Pedro Rivas, a Kaneland School Board member, is Blaine’s father. Pedro spoke favorably of the Kaneland students inducted into NHS.

“I see them being the students of tomorrow, coming all together,” Pedro said. “And it’s nice seeing that.”

The following KHS students were inducted into the National Honor Society in 2014: Aguilar, Amy Burgholzer, Jaemee Cordero, Connor Fedderly, Breanna Geller, Victoria Guyton, Anna Hayman, Brooke Jablonski, Rachel Keske, Kendall Krawczyk, Lesak Andrew, Nicole McCelellan, Kellyn McMullan, Meghen Nance, Noah Perez, Cody Pitstick, Blaine Rivas, Michael Stanley, Caitlyn Strasser, Hannah Wallace, Morgan Withey, Mariah Ausbury, Jason Carlquist, Courtney Diddell, James Fell, Emily Grams, Riley Hannula, Helm McKayla, Madison Jurcenko, Ryan Koeppen, Colleen Landers, Aislinn Lodwig, Michelle McCracken, Rachel Miller, Alexia Orosco, Anna Pizza, Regan Prost, Samantha Schrepferman, Aaron Steenwyk, Elle Tattoni, Anna Wendling, Wolfe, Anissa Becker, Victoria Clinton, Erlandson, Garcia Murphy, Brittany Grider, Samantha Havlin, Shannon Herra, Allison Kadampelil, Rachel Kowalski, Julia Lennon, Alexis Lund, Raymond McGravey, Angela Morrow, Samantha Payton, Mary Piazza, Kassidy Reever, Anna Senese, Nick Steers, Paige Wagner, Austin Wheatley and Grant Wooten.