Village Board approves senior living PUD agreement

By on May 22, 2014

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday approved a Planned Unit Development (PUD) agreement for the future Senior Living Development that will be located on the north side of Galena Boulevard, just west of Division Drive.

Representatives from PIRHL development shared a follow-up presentation of the details and specifics of how the senior living development will proceed.

PIRHL’s presentation included the addition of trees on the north side of the building, tentative plans for a berm, among other significant details. Vinyl siding was removed from the architectural design after that particular siding raised concerns during the May 7 Village Board meeting.

Several residents from the Windsor Point community brought up additional concerns for the senior living development, including how a senior living development that also includes Section 8 housing could increase crime and decrease the value of the current homes located near the future property.

Todd Robie, a representative from PIRHL development, explained that this senior development will not have an overwhelming number of Section 8 housing. He said that there will only be up to 12 units out of the 60 total that will have Section 8 housing. That number will not increase over time.

“This is not increasingly Section 8, and there won’t be increased crime … ” Robie said. “It’s a portion of the development. The intent is to present a range of incomes within the community. There’s some folks with higher than average, average income, and less than average.”

James White, attorney at White & Ekker, P.C., further explained the trend that people will find about the average person living at the senior living development.

“They have an IRA or a 401k and also have a limited income,” White said. “They choose to take out little funds from those accounts. The trend will be older women between the age of 75 to 80. Some people are worried about the Section 8 housing that is included. It’s doesn’t carry the same statement it would somewhere else.”

White also explained that this type of senior living development has been done successfully throughout the country, and that they are fulfilling an inherit need in the community for seniors.

“It’s an opportunity for seniors to congregate and socialize,” White said. “There are a lot of amenities in the area, and they can go for a walk and take care of their business.”