International Jousting Tournament coming to Maple Park

By on May 31, 2014

MAPLE PARK—Top-ranked jousters on Labor Day weekend will travel to Promise Equestrian Center, 45W050 Beith Road in Maple Park, to compete in a three-day-long, full-contact International Jousting Tournament.

Riders in this competition will hail from the United States, Canada and Australia, and are affiliated with one or more of the following groups: International Jousting League, The International Jousting Association, The International Jousting Champions and The International Series. There will be at least two women who will compete in the tournament, and one of them is the No. 1-ranked jouster in the world.

Preliminary jousts will take place on Friday, Aug. 29, and full competitions will take place on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 30-31, with the Championship on Sunday afternoon.

“This is the first year ever for The International Series, and there will be five-to-six sanctioned tournaments around the country,” said Jerry Paulsen, co-founder and president of Boots and Hooves, Inc. “Ours will be the last for the season, and we are already looking to host at least two next year in 2015.”

All of these events are open to the public, with an admission fee. The event is a part of the Promise Equestrian Center’s Labor Day Heartland Equestrian Festival. Attendees will be able to select and choose from a variety of packages for both themselves or for the family.

Community members from the surrounding area have the opportunity to witness and partake in a weekend of full contact competitive jousting, games, fun and food.

“This is going to be a fantastic time for everyone young and old, novice or skilled in horsemanship or anything to do with horses and competitive sports,” Paulsen said. “Jousting is the only sport where both men and women compete equally. There is no difference in the rules, regardless of gender.”

Paulsen said Promise Equestrian Center will also have a huge equestrian show put on by master trainer Enrique Martinez of Monte Cristo Equestrian Center, which operates out of Promise Equestrian Center.

“The ultimate goal is for everyone to come out for a great weekend of friendship—old and new—food, family and fun.”


Photo: Promise Equestrian Center in Maple Park will play host to a full-contact jousting tournament Labor Day weekend.
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