Editorial: Witnessing the power of the Healing Field

By on May 30, 2014
At the Kaneland Healing Field ceremony, a mother and her son spend some time among the 1,000 flags.

Two weeks ago we used editorial space to provide further information to our readers regarding the Healing Field ceremony and display near Kaneland High School, scheduled to take place Memorial Day Weekend.

Well, if you happened to drive past KHS any time between Friday and Monday, you certainly noticed the sprawling display of American flags, neatly lined up in rows, in the field directly east of the high school.

That was, of course, the Healing Field: 1,000 flags representing patriotism and honoring servicemen and servicewomen who fight to defend this country and its freedoms.

The really fun thing about the Healing Field display is that individuals and businesses could purchase flags for it. A single flag cost $35, while a small business sponsorship was five flags for $500, and a corporate sponsorship was 10 flags for $1,000. The flags could also be dedicated to a specific individual and feature a personalized message.

All proceeds went to the American Legions in Maple Park, Elburn and Sugar Grove.

We’ve received a large amount of positive feedback regarding last weekend’s Healing Field, as well as the question of whether the patriotic display will return next year. Unfortunately, the Healing Field is really a traveling exhibit, which means it takes place in a different location every Memorial Day Weekend. The Healing Field in the past has been held in locations such as the West Aurora School District.

But even though the Kaneland community can’t play host every year to something as extraordinary and powerful as the Healing Field, we can all take pride in the fact that this area, for a weekend, put on as moving a patriotic display as we’ve seen. The rows of flags in the Healing Field appeared to be endless, and many featured tags with a personal dedication. In a word, awesome.

If you were unable to witness the Healing Field last weekend, we encourage you to check out this week’s feature story on the event—complete with accompanying photos—found on pages 1A and 6A.

After all, for one weekend, no area took more pride in Memorial Day and this country’s servicemen than the modest field east of Kaneland High School. And we’d hate for our readers to miss out on what was a very special weekend in the Kaneland community.

It was truly a Healing Field.