Letter: In memory of Allen

By on June 5, 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the Elburn Lions Club and its members for the benefit they gave for my husband, Allen, on May 18. What a tribute. All the people who attended, and their kind generosity—Allen was so surprised and touched. He never knew he had so many friends.

Thank you to all the club members who worked so hard. A special love and thanks to two young men Allen so loved and was very proud of: Ken Gilkey and Kevin Poust. The benefit was spectacular. Allen told me on Monday morning that that was his wake, and he got to be there, have fun and hear all the great things people had to say. It was only a few days before his death, and he witnessed how many lives he had touched.

Being a Lions Club member was one thing he was very proud of. He loved the club and encouraged people to support the club and understand what a wonderful asset it was to the Elburn community. We are very lucky to have them.

Thank you to everyone who gave donations, helped and gave support. It has really helped. God bless each and every one of you: Allen’s friends, the village, and all of our longtime customers who came to help in great numbers.

Lynette Swan