Village grants Community Center’s bill request

By on June 6, 2014

ELBURN—The Elburn Village Board on Monday heard the Elburn and Countryside Community Center’s request to assist with costs associated with a broken water pipe in the building.

The board granted an adjustment to the Community Center’s bill, waiving the $383.52 sewer charge portion of the bill, and giving the Community Center 12 months to pay off the remaining balance $531.80.

A letter to the village from Elburn and Countryside Community Center President Pat Leyden stated that last winter’s extreme temperature fluctuations led to a broken water pipe in a rarely-used portion of the building.

According to Leyden, by the time the burst pipe was discovered, several days had passed, ultimately resulting in a village water/sewer bill of $914, which typically would be closer to $100.

The Community Center is run by a small nonprofit organization, whose mission is to provide activities and programs for various entities in the area, as well as reduced-rate rental space for fellow nonprofit organizations and standard-rate rental space for local businesses.

Leyden said that the building, formerly a community school, requires a large amount of work to be done to upgrade the building and grounds to allow for more such programming, activities and events, and “every dollar is vital.”

“The Village Board realizes that the Community Center is a non-profit group and is willing to give them some time to pay off the account,” Finance Director Doug Elder said.