Sugar Grove talks road improvements

By on June 6, 2014

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday discussed the road improvement plans that it has for this summer. Public Works Director Tony Speciale brought to the board’s attention the plan to improve Heartland Drive.

“We are planning on patching the north part of Heartland, and the south half will be resurfaced,” Speciale said. “There are not enough funds to resurface the whole road.”

Speciale said that the patching to be completed on the north section of Heartland Drive will be a permanent patch where they jack hammer out the pot holes and fill it with asphalt.

Denny Road is another road on the list to be patched this summer. The Public Works Department also wants to fix the guard rail on Granart Road, as it is currently bent and in bad condition.

Speciale is submitting the contract for these projects and notifying the contractor, and will wait to hear back for a start date. It is expected that these repairs will take two to three weeks to complete.