Board approves water service, sewer rate increases

By on June 6, 2014

MAPLE PARK—The Maple Park Village Board on Tuesday approved an increase in the village’s water service and sewer rates.

The approved item will raise the basic user charge for water services to $10.42 per 2,000 gallons a month. Any water used over 2,000 gallons will be an additional $5.21 per 1,000 gallons.

On top of the rate raises for this year, the ordinance includes a 3 percent increase for the next three years. The increases implemented for the sewer service charges are the same as the water service rates, but the board did not vote unanimously on that ordinance.

“I want to be clear that although I support the water service rate increase, I do not support the sewer rate increase,” village trustee Terry Borg said. “We are sitting on over $200,000 for our sewer fund. I just know that many people in our community haven’t seen raises this year and have seen increases in their healthcare costs.”

Borg was the sole dissenting vote on the sewer rate increase ordinance.

“I respect your opinion on the matter, but I believe it’s important to get ahead of the curve here,” village trustee Greg Cutsinger said in response to Borg’s comment.

The water and sewer rate increases will begin on July 1, 2014.