Alternative to Elburn baseball request

By on June 6, 2014

ELBURN—Village officials on Monday declined a request from Elburn Youth Baseball and Softball League (EYBSL) that the village help to pay to move gates located in the Blackberry retention fields, instead making a suggestion for a less-costly solution.

The village currently leases these fields, located along Keslinger Road near the water tower, to the EYBSL. According to EYBSL President Ron Vohs, the current positioning of the gates on the west side of the fields does not allow access to the infields for semi-trucks carrying limestone and other material needed to make the fields playable. The league wanted to move the gates from the west side to the east side of the fields in the Blackberry subdivision.

Vohs made the request to the Village Board on Monday, presenting trustees with the $1,033 estimate for the work.

Vohs told the board that the league is currently using league funds, from sponsors and fundraisers, to improve the infields.

“Any help would be greatly appreciated,” Vohs said.

The village recommended that the league leave the gates where they are for now, and instead make an opening in the fencing on the east side. This would allow the trucks access, while reducing the cost of the project significantly. Once the season is over, the league can revisit the situation, and determine whether to do anything differently at that time.