SG Corn Boil Medallion discovered in record time

By on June 13, 2014

SUGAR GROVE—This year, the Sugar Grove Corn Boil Medallion was found in record time. The medallion was only hidden for around a week before Barbara Larsen, an employee of the Sugar Grove Park District and a longtime Sugar Grove resident, found the medallion last Friday on June 6.

Larsen cleans the grounds of the Sugar Grove Park District, the parks and the playground areas.

“I found the medallion outside of the park district building by the post sign in a flower bed,” said Larsen. “At first, I thought it was trash, because it was in a plastic bag, but I picked it up and realized it was taped to it. I really just bumped into it.”

On Friday, July 25, Larsen will be awarded a $50 cash prize and the 2014 Sugar Grove Corn Boil glass medallion at the Opening Ceremonies of the Sugar Grove Corn Boil.

Normally the search for the Medallion takes a lot longer for someone to find it, and this year, it was found in the shortest amount of time in the seven years that the Corn Boil has had the search, according to Sugar Grove Resident and organizer of the medallion search, Pat Graceffa.

“Bob Carroll brought the medallion search to the Sugar Grove Corn Boil seven years ago,” said Graceffa. “He passed away a fear years ago, but he got a kick out of it each year. We decided to continue the medallion search. Now, the medallion is glass and has Bob’s image on it. We refer to Bob as the ‘Medallion King.’”