Sugar Grove aggregation program yields savings

By on June 23, 2014

SUGAR GROVE—In 2011, voters approved a referendum allowing the village of Sugar Grove to bid for a provider for electricity village wide. This program of bidding for electric service is referred to as a “municipal aggregation,” or simply an aggregation program.

Sugar Grove’s aggregation program savings, based on actual usage, was over $1 million with an average saving of $428 per household.

The village’s current energy supplier is Verde, and the current rate through August 2014 is 5.4982 per kwh (ComEd is 5.74). The village recently went out to bid, and once again, Verde was the lowest bidder. Electricity supply charges have risen across the board. Although there is a per kwh savings, unfortunately, electric bills will be increasing. The good news is that through the summer months the rates with Verde will not increase. The charge that will begin with the September 2014 billing will be 7.31 per kwh (ComEd will be at 7.596).

You have the right to choose your electricity supplier, be it Verde, ComEd, or another provider. You have the right to switch suppliers monthly; however, you should always be aware of any termination fees. If you are a Verde customer, as part of the village’s aggregation agreement, there is no termination fee. Additionally, if you switch to ComEd as your supplier, you will not be able to switch again for a period of 12 billing periods. ComEd remains the billing party and will continue to service all transmission lines.

You will receive a letter from Verde informing you that Verde is Sugar Grove’s municipal aggregation electric supplier. The letter will give you the option to opt out of the program, should you choose to do so. Upon receipt of the letter, if you wish to have Verde as the electric supplier, you need do nothing. ComEd will also send you another letter about a month later advising you that you are being switched should you opt-out. This is standard procedure and is set by state statutes to protect you as a homeowner and consumer.

Take note that even though Sugar Grove has an aggregation program, this does not prevent others companies from contacting you with information about their electric supply program. As stated earlier, you always have the right to choose who you want to supply your electricity. The village urges you to always read all paperwork thoroughly when making a choice, whether it be for a change in utility services or a contract for home improvements. If you have any questions regarding the program, feel free to call (630) 466-4507 or email