Public Works presents roundabout landscaping plan

By on June 23, 2014

SUGAR GROVE—Sugar Grove Public Works Director Tony Speciale on Tuesday presented the landscape concept plan for the Granart Road realignment and roundabout to the Village Board.

Speciale highlighted the department’s plans for landscaping and lighting along the medians and in the center of the roundabout.

“We are planning on having grass medians with trees and light poles,” Speciale said. “The decorative street lighting is a main component. In the center of the roundabout, we want to have grasses and perennials.”

The Public Works Department’s plans included three different light poles. The first light pole consisted of one decorative single head with a concrete pole, the second light pole had a decorative double head with concrete pole and dual brackets that the village could hang planters or banners from, and the third light pole consisted of a standard 24-foot concrete pole with a 4-foot arm and “cobra head.”

A few of the perennials and trees mentioned in the plans included Emerald Queen Norway Maple, Skyline Honeylocust, Bur Oak, Red Oak, and for the perennials, Knock Out Rose bushes, Obsidian Coralbells, Autumn Joy Sedum, Blue Oat Grass and Prairie Dropseed. There were more trees and perennials included on the list, as well.

Board members brought up the importance of including a sign for advertisement purposes in the middle of the roundabout. Village Board trustee Mari Johnson discussed the possibility of including signage.

“It would be nice to have electronic signage,” she said. “They have one at Route 47 and Cross Street, and it might be something to consider. Even if it couldn’t be done at the time of construction, we could consider it down the road.”

Speciale mentioned that they are planning on completing the offline construction this year, which would include everything that is not on the road.

“Next year, depending on the phases of construction, Dugan Road could be closed for a short period of time,” Speciale said. “There will be an advanced warning, and we will work with trucking companies to make sure they can have access to their properties.”