Village administrator will have an assistant

By on May 20, 2009

Former administrator appointed to position
by Martha Quetsch
Elburn Village President Dave Anderson created a new staff position to assist new Village Administrator Erin Willrett with her new duties, hiring her predecessor, Dave Morrison, for the job.

Less than three weeks ago, Anderson appointed Willrett, who is several months pregnant, as the village’s top staffer.

“I don’t want to put any undo pressure on her at this time,” Anderson said.

The Village Board unanimously approved Anderson’s appointment of Morrison as assistant village administrator Monday.

As assistant village administrator, Morrison will relieve Willrett of some of her duties on the village committees Anderson established—development, public works, finance and public safety.

When Anderson appointed Willrett May 4, he also named Morrison community development director, a position which Willrett held since 2008. As assistant adminsitrator, Morrison will continue to be responsible for community development too, Anderson said.

“We will continue to work toward making Elburn the best community for everyone,” Morrison said Wednesday.

Anderson appointed former Elburn Police Commander Steve Smith to the position of police chief on May 4 to replace seven-year Chief Jim Linane.

The Village Board will determine the 2009-10 salary for Morrison’s combined position, and for appointees Willrett and Smith, during its annual budget process in the coming weeks.

Their annual wages will be based on the number of years the employees have worked for the village and on their duties, Anderson said. (See related salaries chart below)

Annual salaries for Elburn department heads

Following are the salaries the village paid in 2008-09 to its department heads. Annual wages for 2009-10 department heads will be determined by the Village Board during the budget process, sometime before the end of July.

$113,302: David Morrison, village administrator for nine years (recently replaced by Erin Willrret and named assistant village administrator) supervised five full-time employees, and outside consultants

$93,556: Jim Linane, police chief for seven years (recently replaced by past Commander Steve Smith), oversaw nine full-time and nine part-time employees.

$79,792: Erin Willrett, hired in 2008 as community development director (recently named village administrator), supervised three full-time employees

$78,500: John Nevenhoven, hired in 2008 as public works superintendent (retained) supervises seven full-time public works employees and seasonal workers.