Elburn business not compliant with state requirements

By on July 3, 2014

ELBURN—During a recent compliance visit to a massage business in town, Elburn police found that the business’ personnel did not have the proper licensing from the state in order to offer massages at the site.

According to Elburn Police Chief Steve Smith, a license from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations is required in order to perform massages.

Elburn Building Commissioner Tom Brennan said he accompanied a police officer to the Asian Spa Massage business at 151 E. Route 38, Suite E, on May 27, and found the business to be in compliance with Elburn zoning laws.

However, according to Smith, the police made a subsequent visit to the business on May 28 to inform them that they may not offer massages until they possess the appropriate state licensing.

Smith said that the department has had “plenty of complaints” and “several inquiries” over the past several months regarding the business.

According to Smith, the police can’t tell the business that it has to close, only that it can’t offer massages.

Although there is an illuminated open sign on the business, Smith said when the police conduct their regular rounds, there is either no one there or the doors have been locked.

Smith said the building owner came into the department several weeks ago to find out more about what the business needed in order to operate legally.