Zero Edge, PetSmart donate tank to Delnor

By on July 25, 2014
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ELBURN—A 180-gallon aquarium from Zero Edge Aquariums in Elburn is now easing the anxieties of sick children at the Lurie Children’s Outpatient Center, part of Delnor-Community Hospital in Geneva.

“For pediatric patients, for the kids who come in, it’s often a traumatic situation, so in a lot of ways an aquarium is a distraction,” said Christopher King, spokesperson for Cadence Health. “It’s something comforting, and it just kind of eases the anxiety of being at a hospital.”

The tank, which was installed in the outpatient center’s waiting room on June 21, was presented to Delnor by PetSmart, as part of the PetSmart Gives Back program.

Brian Travilla, PetSmart’s district manager for the region, said that each district does one project a year to give back to the community.

“We have a very strong belief at PetSmart that pets inspire us and make us better people,” Travilla said. “I think big corporations should really work to enrich people’s lives locally, and it’s a wonderful feeling as a district manager to do something to help kids.”

The project was the brainchild of Nathan Brooks, the manager of PetSmart’s Bloomingdale, Ill., store. Brooks suggested the idea and did all the groundwork with Zero Edge and Delnor, Travilla said.

“We feel strongly that when kids go in for treatment and can interact with fish, it calms them down,” Travilla said. “We were fortunate enough to work with Zero Edge to give them a great fish tank. The walks in the children’s wing are decorated with an aquatic theme, with waves and sea turtles painted on the walls. So the tank was a perfect fit.”

PetSmart chose Elburn-based Zero Edge Aquariums to create the aquarium because of a belief in supporting local businesses, Travilla said.

Zero Edge is known for producing high-end rimless, overflowing aquariums that have been purchased by celebrities such as Pitbull, a Miami-based rapper, and even Queen Sirikit of Thailand. But the company also produces a variety of standard aquariums and custom aquariums. Delnor representatives chose the kind of aquarium they wanted, said Aaron Sinclair, director of sales and marketing at Zero Edge, and selected a 180-gallon rectangular aquarium, as well as white cabinetry to house the aquarium.

The aquarium was formally presented to Delnor Hospital at a ceremony on June 25, Sinclair said, and a check for $5,000 was given to the president of the hospital. Several physicians from the pediatric unit attended to thank PetSmart and Zero Edge for the aquarium.

The $5,000 donation covered the cost of the aquarium, the cabinetry, a filtration system, and the tropical fish now living in it, Travilla said.

“It’s a great donation, and I think it’s one that shows the importance of working with the community and the importance of giving back,” King said. “Most importantly, the kids will be able to experience it. That’s the real value—the warm environment that the tank creates.”

Zero Edge Aquariums is located at 810 E. North St. in Elburn. For more information, visit