Reaffirming our objectivity

By on August 7, 2014

We’ve recently fielded some public comments regarding our stance (and perspective) on the situation involving the Kaneland School District and Superintendent Jeff Schuler, who will become the superintendent of schools in the Wheaton-Warrenville School District on Sept. 2. Therefore, we’d like to use this space to explain our philosophy when it comes to reporting on any topic, regardless of whether controversy is present.

When it comes to reporting, our stance at the Elburn Herald is this: we don’t have a stance. It’s our duty to report everything that happens in the Kaneland community, but it’s not our place to tell our readers what to think or how to feel about a particular issue. Rather, we’re here to simply pass on the facts to our readers so that they can make up their own mind and draw their own conclusions. That’s also why you won’t see us endorse candidates at election time. We want our reporting to be the written equivalent of Switzerland: neutral, objective and mercilessly honest.

Of course, the irony here is that we’re using the editorial page—an actual forum for opinion—to reaffirm our objectivity. But all we’ll do here is simply state that we hope the Kaneland School Board can forego the fighting and finger-pointing currently found at its meetings, and instead hunker down and work together to identify a new superintendent and continue to improve Kaneland’s budget concerns. Because everyone who serves on the Kaneland School Board should have the same goal: to help put forth the best-quality education possible for every child in the district.

And if you can do that without shouting, even better.