Schuler to leave Kaneland

By on August 7, 2014

Will become Wheaton-Warrenville superintendent

KANELAND—Kaneland Superintendent Dr. Jeff Schuler last week agreed to become the new superintendent of schools for the Wheaton-Warrenville School District.

Schuler, 42, a Plainfield resident, has worked in the Kaneland School District for eight years—the last four as superintendent. He previously served as an assistant superintendent for human resources and an associate superintendent.

Schuler said that Tuesday, Sept. 2, will be his first day at Wheaton-Warrenville. In the meantime, he will continue to serve as Kaneland superintendent.

Schuler recently had been named a finalist for the Wheaton-Warrenville job. He informed the Kaneland School Board that he would accept the invitation to become Wheaton-Warrenville’s superintendent of schools should the position be offered to him.

Schuler did not seek out the Wheaton-Warrenville position. Rather, he said that he received a call and was invited to interview with the district.

“The decision had nothing to do with Kaneland,” Schuler said. “Obviously Kaneland is a phenomenal school district and a great opportunity. Wheaton is bigger—there’s about 13,500 students, 20 schools. Candidly, it just was a really exceptional opportunity for me.”

Schuler’s salary as Kaneland superintendent is $194,000. His base salary at Wheaton-Warrenville School District will be $225,000.

Schuler reflected on what he was proud of while the Kaneland superintendent. His noted accomplishments include working to advance student achievement and expanding student opportunities at Kaneland High School. He also expressed admiration for the administration team, as well as the district’s instructional and support staff.

“Those are all things for which I’m exceptionally proud,” he said.

Kaneland School Board President Cheryl Krauspe recently weighed in on Schuler’s exit.

“I understand that it’s only natural when a young professional, as talented and recognized in the educational field as Dr. Schuler was, would be contacted by others who may wish to attract him as a candidate,” Krauspe said. “I was not surprised when I learned that he had risen to the level of finalist for the Wheaton position, because there is quite a lot that would impress the Wheaton-Warrenville community.”

The Kaneland School Board will now work to find its next district superintendent.

“The Board of Education will take these next important steps in a superintendent selection very carefully, thoroughly and thoughtfully,” Krauspe said.

Schuler expressed his confidence that the Kaneland schools are “ready to operate,” even though he will exit the district soon after its new school year begins on Wednesday, Aug. 20.

“I’m going to have the same feelings about leaving this position, whether it’s two weeks into the school year or the middle of the summer,” Schuler said. “I would feel the same way.”