Letter: Reforms need to be passed

By on May 28, 2009

With only two weeks to go, still no action in the Illinois Legislature on the 34 needed reforms to state government proposed by the bipartisan Illinois Reform Commission. The delay has the appearance of the fate of past reforms: “Wait it out” until the Legislature recesses for the year, thus killing them.

Whether you are Republicans or Democrats, these needed reforms to clean up Illinois government will have a beneficial effect on your lives and your pocketbooks.

Time is getting short. To learn more, visit the Reform Commission’s website, www.reformillinois.org. Then call or e-mail state representatives Tim Schmitz and Kay Hatcher—Schmitz at (630) 845-9590, email ilrep49@sbcglobal.net; Hatcher at gophatcher@ameriyech.net. Tell them you want them to vote yes on the reform package.

Also, tell them you want them to vote yes on Senate Bill 600, to return to GOP voters the right to vote for Republican State Central Committeemen, a right already enjoyed by Democrat voters. The current Republican system to select Central Committeemen has allowed a group of rascals to control the Illinois GOP for over 20 years, and must be changed. Good government must begin at the party level.

Dennis C. Ryan
Western Kane County
Republican Organization
Supporters of SB 600