Kaneland to revisit interim superintendent candidate pool

By on August 28, 2014

KANELAND—The Kaneland School Board is back to the drawing board in terms of hiring a new interim superintendent of schools.

The majority of the Kaneland School Board on Monday had approved Dr. Ken Sorrick as the new interim superintendent.
However, according to School Board President Cheryl Krauspe, Sorrick resigned Tuesday morning, the day he was to begin work as interim superintendent.

Sorrick was unavailable for comment as of Wednesday.

Sorrick’s background in education includes being a superintendent for North Palos School District, a teacher, dean, assistant principal and elementary and high school principal. He had led the North Palos School District to receive the Illinois State Academic Excellence Award and Lincoln Foundation’s Bronze Award for Organizational Excellence.

Krauspe said Sorrick had called her and sent her an email explaining his reasons for resignation.

“I’m very disappointed,” Krauspe said. “He was a very accomplished superintendent. He came to us with a great deal of excitement and passion and enthusiasm. He was going to hit the ground running.”

Krauspe said some people on social media have suggested that Sorrick did not like the rural area. She dismissed that notion.

“That was not it at all,” Krauspe said. “He was enjoying getting to know Kaneland. But unfortunately, it looks like we’re not gonna be able to maintain the relationship that we would like to have had with him. And I think we lost a valuable opportunity there.”

The board plans to meet on Tuesday, Sept. 2, at 6 p.m. in the Kaneland District Office, with the intention of filling the interim superintendent position.

The need to hire an interim superintendent surfaced after current Kaneland Superintendent Dr. Jeff Schuler accepted an offer to become superintendent for the Wheaton Warrenville School District, effective Sept. 2.

Sorrick was set to earn $90,000 and work up to 100 days for the Kaneland School District.

Following Monday’s board meeting, he spoke about his plan to “keep the district running.”

“I hope I can help out, help the district out,” Sorrick said. “Really, I think the main goal that the district has is to find a permanent superintendent. And so I’m gonna help them out with that search and get that process going. And I think it will bring more stability to the district once you have that position filled.”

Board members had interviewed a total of five candidates for the interim position.

“We will return to that (candidate) pool,” Krauspe said. “And I’m already doing that. And I’m confident. I’m confident that we will get an excellent interim superintendent.”

Whoever is selected will work up to 100 days, as they are retired and can only work limited days because of Teachers’ Retirement System.

Krauspe said that Dr. Julie-Ann Fuchs, assistant superintendent for business, will be asked to “step up and serve” once the interim superintendent fulfills the 100 workdays.

Krauspe hopes to reassure the Kaneland community.

“We’re gonna be just fine,” Krauspe said. “I want to reassure people that we will have a superintendent that will lead us in the right direction for our school year, and the number one priority will be to find the right match in a permanent superintendent. That is our number one task.”