Sugar Grove discusses I-88 corridor land use

By on September 5, 2014

SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday discussed general long-range plans for land use near the future I-88 corridor. The topic of where agricultural land and development would be placed was the center of the board’s discussion.

The question of whether or not to limit the amount of land labeled as agricultural land use was brought up during the meeting. Village Board trustee Kevin Geary discussed the option of not predetermining the use of the land.

“We could not predetermine it, but we could wait (until) a user came along,” Geary said. “It’s like a holding place. North of the golf course, we’ve always seen it as residential; north and east corridor was going to be residential. As we push to our edges, I have a problem identifying it as agricultural when it could be more of a office/retail/industrial.”

Development Director Walter Magdziarz, explained a couple of problems with labeling land for office/retail/industrial use.

“There hasn’t been any office development in the suburbs lately,” Magdziarz said. “It’s only in Chicago where the labor force is. It’s more business park rather than industrial. Industrial has a negative connotation to it.”

Several board members, including Geary, mentioned that they liked the term “business park” rather than “industrial.”

“I would support using the term business park and not industrial,” Geary said. “I think we’re looking for a more general term, and I think business park is fitting.”

Magdziarz mentioned the process and research that they will use to determine different land uses.

“We will look at natural conditions, landscape and condition of the roads, and after that, some lines might move or disappear,” he said. “I would like to have one or two meetings before a public hearing. I think it’s still conceivable that we could have a public hearing by the end of the year. If not December, I think we could have it in January.”