Local election brings opportunity to talk about new goals

By on January 15, 2009

As a matter of policy, the Elburn Herald does not endorse specific candidates in elections.
While we wish to continue that policy, newly announced candidate for the Sugar Grove Village Board Joe Wolf told reporter Susan O’Neill something that we would like to echo; and we hope that all local candidates and officials make it part of their short-term goals—more affordable housing.

Locally, growth has not merely slowed, it has virtually ceased. Under the surface of the most obvious reason—the general sagging economy—it is our belief that what is making an already existing difficulty significantly worse is the fact that there are few, if any, homes that are affordable to middle-class families.

We agree with Wolf’s desire of wanting to see more homes that a family of four with a household income under $100,000 can afford. It seems rather odd that the majority of service providers in the Kaneland communities cannot actually afford to live in the Kaneland communities—our communities’ teachers, fireman, policeman; very few can actually live in the communities they serve.

For the health of our communities, in economies of all kinds, we feel it is vital that the communities work on ensuring that families of all income levels can have a legitimate chance of calling our area home.

Whether Wolf is elected to office or not, we hope his number-one goal of bringing affordable housing to the area ends up being shared by his fellow candidates, as well as those already in office.