Park District wants feedback on 10-year plan

By on May 29, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
Sugar Grove Township Park District residents will have a chance to comment on the Park District’s 10-year master plan before it is approved at the next District Board meeting on Monday, June 8.

The plan includes evaluations and suggestions for improvements of each park and its existing structures and suggestions for standards for future parks. Improvements to current programs and recommendations for future programming are also included.

Last year, the Park District Board hired an outside firm, Leisure Vision, to find out what residents wanted from their Park District and what recreational opportunities were important to them.

Responses from a survey sent to district residents, input from community members and staff in a number of focus groups, as well as an independent evaluation of the condition of the parks was used to create the plan.

Residents said that biking and walking trails were the most important to them, with an indoor fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, golf course and driving range and playgrounds also among the most-desired recreation facilities. Adult fitness and youth sports programs, swimming and golf lessons, and leagues and special events, were the programs chosen most important.

Park District Director Greg Repede said that early childhood programming is also a growth area for the district. While there is no funding currently to build a recreational facility there is no need for one at this point, he said. Sugar Grove Park District residents enjoy resident-level fees at Fox Valley Park District facilities such as the Vaughan Center.

“The consultants said that based on the resources, we’re doing extremely well with what we have,” Repede said.

Repede said the next step would be for the board to go through the plan to prioritize what can be done. He emphasized that residents should not consider the plan a springboard for a referendum.

“We’re not proposing anything except to approve the plan,” Repede said. “It’s a blueprint for the future.”

A copy of the plan is available for public vieweing at the Park District office on Main Street.