Working hard

By on January 15, 2009

Despite construction slowdown, building department remains busy

by Susan O’Neill

The Building and Zoning Department issued 255 permits for 2008, down from 366 for 2007. Although new construction was down from last year, Building Commissioner Jim Stran said his department was kept busy with permits for improvements and other tasks.

Elburn welcomed 13 new businesses during 2008, with the most recent certificate of occupancy issued for Boyce Body Werks in December. Walgreens is expected to open in April 2009.

Stran reviewed his department’s activities for 2008 at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting. In addition to building and construction, several activities were in response to weather events, such as assisting with pumping and water removal and surveying sanitary and storm sewers during September’s flood, and contributing 32 hours to the snow removal efforts in the month of December.

His department also assembled and installed a park bench and picnic table in Byerhoff Park and installed an additional bike rack at the Metra Station.

Village Board members expressed their appreciation for his department helping out with work outside their job description, especially for the Public Works Department.