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By on June 4, 2009

Appointments can now be made for new memory, behavior clinic

Memory complaints are a common problem. Although memory complaints can affect people of all ages, they are more common in older individuals. With the aging of the population, memory problems will become an increasingly important clinical issue.

Early diagnosis and treatment is essential for effective management.

Delnor’s Memory and Behavior Clinic is a specialized service for people who are experiencing memory loss and related functional changes.

What causes memory loss?
People do experience normal age-related changes in memory as they get older. It is not normal, however, to experience such significant impairment of memory that independent function is impaired or safety is compromised, nor is it normal to experience significant changes in mood, personality or behavior.

Abnormal memory loss may be due to treatable conditions such as depression, infection, nutritional deficiency and medication interaction. With proper diagnosis and treatment, such a condition can improve. Memory loss may also be due to a progressive illness like Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia (a series of small strokes), Parkinson’s disease or another related condition.

Delnor’s approach to memory care
Delnor’s approach to memory care is a collaborative effort between Delnor Psychological Services and Suburban Neurology Group, LLC. It allows the patient with memory-related symptoms and behaviors to receive a comprehensive evaluation by a multidisciplinary team of specialists in one convenient location. Test results are available in a timely manner, which enables the team to develop an individualized plan of high quality care for the patient.

On clinic days, patients and their families or caregivers can schedule appointments with a team of specialists that include a board-certified neurologist, a clinical neuropsychologist, a physician’s assistant and a nurse navigator. The need for additional testing (i.e. blood work, CT scan, MRI, neuropsychological testing) is determined at that time and scheduled accordingly. When all testing is complete, the patient and family meet with the team to discuss findings, recommendations and treatment options.

How to schedule an appointment
Appointments are now being taken for the first clinic day on Thursday, June 11. Call (630) 524-5845. Clinics will be held on a monthly basis. For intake packets, please call (630) 524-5845 or visit under the Psychological Services/Services Provided page.

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Clinics will be held on a monthly basis
For intake packets, please call (630) 524-5845
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