Editorial: Shedding light on some changes in the Elburn Herald

By on June 4, 2009

Regular readers of the Elburn Herald will likely notice some changes in this week’s paper edition.

Some of them are obvious, some are more subtle—yet all of them are designed with you, our reader, in mind.

The most obvious change is the elimination of village-specific pages. In the past, there would be a varying number for each village in our primary coverage area—Elburn, Sugar Grove, Maple Park and Kaneville, usually in that order.

However, we are just as much Sugar Grove’s hometown newspaper as Elburn’s, as well as Kaneville’s and Maple Park’s. So why isolate their news items when we all are part of the same Kaneland community?

Beginning this week, the local, community news is combined on what are now called “Our Villages.” Placement of each item is now dictated by its news value, and not its geography.

Most importantly, the fact that each village’s news is treated equally, in terms of placement, is a physical demonstration of our philosophical belief that each of our core towns as important as the others.

This shift in presentation necessitated changing how local, upcoming events are published. Previously, the list of upcoming events was placed on their respective pages. However, now that the pages are shared, the upcoming events have now been combined and placed on a unified community calendar. That way, readers looking for a particular event or looking for something to do on a particular day can find what they are looking for much more easily.

We also moved one of the highest-read portions of the paper—the sports section—to a more prominent location, the front of section B. Now, our award-winning sports section will be as prominently displayed as it deserves to be.

We also eliminated the “Area Happenings” page—which consisted of more regional-based entertainment options—and the rotating subject-based features; and replaced them with a weekly health section that provides information on relevant health topics and upcoming events.

Finally, a more subtle—yet important—change is that the Elburn Herald adjusted all of its typestyles within the paper. We slightly increased the size of the type in many instances, and adjusted the styles and settings to make things easier to read and navigate. While it may not be as obvious or noticeable, it will significantly add to the paper’s readability; and if we can pick type that is easier on your eyes, that’s a big win for both you and us.

The purpose of all of these changes, and any changes we may make in the future, is to better serve you, our reader, by providing you more locally focused coverage than anyone else, in as pleasing a presentation as possible.

There are countless places you can go to find out what is going on in the nation and the world, but there is no one else as focused on you and your communities as we are.

We look forward to receiving any feedback you have about the changes we have already made or the changes you think we should make in the future. Everything we do is with you in mind, so all feedback—positive and negative—is helpful.

Email Ryan Wells—info@elburnherald.com