Hatcher helps defeat proposed income tax increase

By on June 5, 2009

STATE—State Rep. Kay Hatcher (R-Yorkville) on Sunday voted “No” to plans to increase state income taxes by 50 percent.

Hatcher (R-Yorkville), the state representative from the 50th District—which includes the Elburn Herald coverage area— stressed that in tough economic times, state government needs to live within its means.

“Families in our area are struggling,” Hatcher said. “They have been forced to tighten their belts to make ends meet. Government must do the same.”

Hatcher said a 50 percent state tax increase proposed would also impact businesses who have already been forced to cut jobs to keep afloat.

“Our state unemployment rate hit 9.4 percent in April,” she said. “We now have 620,000 people out of work. How could we even think about increasing taxes on families and businesses already hard-hit by our slumping economy to bail out a state government that has not spent our tax dollars wisely?”

Governor Quinn’s proposed income tax increase failed in the Illinois House on Sunday in a vote of 42 “yes,” 74 “no” and two “present”.