Dirty dilemma

By on June 5, 2009

District struggles to get out from under a pile of dirt
by Lynn Meredith
Let’s talk dirt: That unsightly pile sitting on the Kaneland campus is being talked about. In an effort to get rid of it, district officials are asking around.

“It sits right in the wrong location,” Superintendent Charlie McCormick said. “We want to look at the cheapest option to make it go away.”

Let’s talk size: The pile is estimated to require 2,100 semi-truck loads to move.

After a recent story in the Elburn Herald, the district received responses, one of which was that someone would move it for a fee but dump it for free, an option that is appealing. However, it could prove difficult due to timing. With the parking lots scheduled to be paved and seal-coated, moving the dirt would have to happen at just the right time.

Another option that just won’t work without expert engineering advice is to spread it around the 40 school-owned acres to the east that are currently being farmed.

“That would create water problems for (our) neighbors. We have to be careful that it is handled correctly,” Assistant Superintendent of Business Tom Runty said. “We need an engineering study to look at what it will do to the elevations and run-offs if it’s spread on the fields.”

The Facilities Planning Committee recommended that the board obtain a civil engineering study to determine the options for removing the dirt, relocating the dirt, distributing the dirt on site and possible water drainage issues or leaving the pile where it is.