Village wants more payment options for commuter parking

By on June 5, 2009

Monthly passes, credit-card machines under consideration
by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—In response to commuters who want to pay for Metra parking with a credit card, Elburn officials want to install machines for that purpose at the commuter station. They also want riders to be able to buy monthly parking passes.

Currently, riders parking at the Elburn station must buy a $1.25 daily ticket, paying with cash deposited in payment bins at the station.

Trustee Jeff Walter, who commutes by train to work, said he has heard from many fellow riders that they wish they could buy a monthly parking pass and hang a placard on their mirrors showing they paid.

“Commuters talk about it all the time,” Walter said during the Elburn Development Committee meeting May 26.

Under the village’s contract with Metra, riders may only purchase daily tickets. However, the contract could be modified, Village President Dave Anderson said during Monday’s board meeting.

Installing credit card payment machines at the train station would cost more than $100,000, an expense the village would bear, not Metra, Anderson said.

“We have the money,” Anderson said Monday. “And we agreed in committee that it’s something we want to do.”

The credit card payment system could be put out to bid with Metra’s parking lot expansion project, Anderson said. Metra plans to double the size of the lot in Elburn, to more than 600 spaces.