Curtis: Fewer committees practical, more effective

By on June 5, 2009

by Martha Quetsch
MAPLE PARK—To streamline the work of village committees, Maple Park will reduce their number, said Village President Kathy Curtis.

After the Village Board approves an ordinance June 4 allowing for the change that Curtis proposed, the village will have three village committees instead of six. Committees include several trustees and staff members who work on village issues and bring recommendations to the Village Board.

The new committees will be Personnel and Communications; Finance, Public Relations and Development; and Infrastructure.

Currently the village has six committees: Finance, Streets, Water and Sewer, Parks and Grounds, Police and Planning.

The new committees will begin meeting after the board passes the ordinance.

Curtis also recommended establishing a Committee of the Whole (COW), made up of all trustees, to meet monthly. The first COW meeting was May 16, during which trustees talked about the three-committee structure.

Curtis said committee structure changes are practical.

“All seven of us (on the Village Board) work full time and have varying schedules,” Curtis said. “I considered how we could organize ourselves to be effective and the trustees were in agreement.”