Virgil committee forms to tackle septic tank issue

By on June 11, 2009

VIRGIL—Virgil Village President Debbie Washburn recently appointed a new committee, Wastewater/Stormwater Committee, to tackle the problem of lack of septic systems at some residences within the village.

The need for this committee was brought on by an anonymous complaint filed last year to the Kane County Health Department claiming there were some possible violations in town affecting the village environment. The complaint proved to be true in that septic tanks on some lots are not hooked up to a septic field, but instead hooked up to field tiles that drain into the Virgil Creek, Washburn said.

The Health Department gave the village an ultimatum to come up with a solution: Either plan and implement a village-wide sewer system or require those who are in violation to install a working septic system.

The committee’s first meeting was held June 4, and began by analyzing how many residents lots are in violation in order to determine its recommendation to the Village Board.

A septic survey will be sent to each resident this summer, with questions about the residents’ septic systems, or lack thereof. The data from the survey will be used to help analyze the problem and decide a route to take to solve this problem.

Members of the new committee are Brad Kriegel (Chair), Debbie Washburn (Co-Chair), Dave Kosarek, Bob Neisendorf, Colette Petit, and Pete Walker.