Editorial: Finally, observable progress in Maple Park

By on June 12, 2009

Kudos to Maple Park Village President Kathy Curtis, who made the selection of a police chief the No. 1 priority for the new Personnel and Communications Committee (see related story).

The Police Department has not had a chief in over a year, and no observable progress has been made until Curtis took over as village president. Now, virtually starting the process from scratch, Curtis set a goal of having a chief in place within three months.

“(It) is a lot of work for a short time frame, but we can not continue to operate without a chief, so we set high expectations on ourselves,” Curtis said.

How a village government failed to recognize the importance of having someone oversee a police department and be the one accountable for it and its actions is beyond us; let alone how the “search” for a replacement for former Police Chief Steve languished for 13 months with no observable progress.

Thankfully, Curtis recognized this failure of leadership and emphasized that issue during the spring 2009 campaign for village president. During the campaign, she stated that it was a lack of leadership in the Police Committee.

Once she took office, one of the first things she did was take care of that problem, among other areas of lacking leadership. She overhauled the village’s committee structure, and now there are three: Personnel and Communications; Infrastructure; and Finance, Public Relations and Development.

These are all necessary changes to help a village that has suffered from a severe lack of leadership, as evidenced by a full calendar year of having no police chief or observable plan to pick one.

Thankfully, the village is now run by a village president willing to set defined goals and put accountability measures in place to help ensure that they are achieved. For the police chief search, Curtis tapped Village Board member Deb Armstrong and gave a deadline.

Curtis provided the Elburn Herald with a larger list of goals and deadlines, as well as who she picked as being accountable for each.

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This is how things get done, and we are glad to see the leadership in Maple Park actually act like, well, leaders.