Schuler named superintendent for 2010

By on January 15, 2009

by Lynn Meredith

The Kaneland School Board approved Jeff Schuler to replace Superintendent Charlie McCormick when McCormick retires in 2010. Schuler has served as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for the past three years.

“I am recommending him to you with a lot of pride, a lot of pleasure and a lot of confidence,” McCormick told the board on Monday. “We are very, very comfortable that we have an internal candidate and do not need to do a search.”

When Schuler was hired, school officials had required all candidates for the position have an endorsement for superintendent on their administrative certificates. They wanted to insure that over time, the person hired could be considered for superintendent.

Schuler will continue as head of Human Resources under the title of Associate Superintendent. During 2009-2010, he will take on additional responsibilities as the district makes the transition between superintendents.

Schuler, who began his career as an elementary teacher, has risen through the ranks. He began as an instructional specialist and gifted teacher in Wheeling. He moved to middle school, where he taught science and social science. He then became a middle school principal and Interim Assistant Superintendent for Staff Services in Northbrook before coming to Kaneland.

Schuler credits mentors along the way who guided him into administration.

“The one thing that I’ve always been blessed with in my career is that I’ve worked for quality people who nurtured me into the postions. I’ve had mentors that have continued into my time at Kaneland,” Schuler said.

Schuler holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Northern Illinois University. At Kaneland, he has coordinated the recruiting and hiring for the distict and supervised the district’s six principals.

The School Board expressed its pleasure at the hiring of Schuler and giving him their vote of confidence.

“You are coming in at a time of many challenges, financially and across the state,” School Board President Lisa Wiet said. “I am sure you are going to drive us forward. I am delighted.”

To hear more about Schuler in his own words, go to Schuler has created an audio podcast to introduce himself to the district.

Noting that there is no lack of candidates with good ideas, Schuler thanked the board for honoring the work he has done in his three years in the district. He left the board with a favorite quote he used with in-coming sixth-graders when he taught.

“You can have the highest ideals, the loftiest goals and dreams, but nothing’s going to work unless you do,” Schuler said. He added, “It’s my pledge to you as a board and to our community that I will work for Kaneland.”