Village Board reviews LED sign regulations

By on June 19, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
SUGAR GROVE—Village Board members reviewed a revised draft of a new LED sign ordinance that will soon be implemented for Sugar Grove organization and business buildings.

According to trustee Melisa Taylor, the committee that created the draft ordinance tried to come up with the most conservative guidelines, to avoid the construction of unattractive or unsafe signs.

Taylor said committee members wanted to limit the intensity of the signs’ brightness to avoid causing glare or otherwise impairing the vision of drivers passing by. The ordinance also limits the colors of a sign to red, green and amber, with a black background or field.

“Signs are to advertise and communicate, but the top priority is driver safety,” she said.

The ordinance prohibits message movements such as growing, melting, scrolling, twinkling and others such as animation that would distract motorists’ attention.

The ordinance will be voted on at a future board meeting.

The new Sugar Grove Library building ground sign will comply with the standards the board approves as well as future commercial buildings.