Well’s barium removal device to be replaced

By on June 19, 2009

Increasing water flow in sewer system shortens filter’s life
by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—The village of Elburn will replace the radium and barium removal device from one of its wastewater treatment plant wells next week at a cost of $66,640.

The Elburn Village Board on Monday approved the expenditure, recommended by Public Works Superintendent .

Nevenhoven said as the amount of water going through the sanitary sewer system has increased in recent months, so has the level of radium passing through the filtration device on Well No. 3; with that, the device’s useful life was shortened.

“It (the replacement) was needed sooner than anticipated,” Nevenhoven said.

Tests in April indicated the barium level of water passing through Well No. 3 exceeded the 2 mg. per liter allowed by law.

Public Works staff have been examining the village sanitary sewer lines to determine how stormwater has been infiltrating its lines during heavy rainfall. The village has separate sanitary and stormwater sewers

The excess flow so far has not reduced the efficiency of the radium and barium removal devices on the village’s other two wastewater treatment wells. The village installed the filtration devices in 2006 to comply with environmental regulations.