Letter: Connecting with dead not harmless

By on June 25, 2009

A local business called the Inner Harmony Massage Therapy & Bodywork is putting on a seminar event they’re calling “Spend A Day with Your Angels.” The advertisement said the seminar will teach people how to “connect to their own intuition” and “experience this incredible alignment through energy readings, connecting with the spirits of loved ones and by participating in classes focused on developing your psychic skills, Mediumship (sic), meditation, intuition training, and using other tools such as a pendulum.”

In an era of religious tolerance, it could be said that such activity is at worst silly but essentially harmless. And it might help someone who has nothing else.

But anything with power (think: chain saw) is never harmless, especially where children are involved. Connecting with spirits of the dead is often nothing more than connecting with the demonic. Even the medical community is beginning to acknowledge effects of dark spiritual powers.

To site one example, Gene Abel, M.D. and David Barlow, Ph.D. and Edward Blanchard’s medical article entitled, “Gender Identity Change in a Transsexual” published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, no. 5 (1977) tell about a patient who suffered from a psychological disorder that normally resists all treatment. After testing the patient thoroughly, they decided to encourage him to have the sex change operation he desired. Just before the operation, though, a friend of the patient asked him to see another doctor who suggested that his real problem might be possession by “evil spirits.” Abel and Barlow’s article go on to say that the man submitted to a deliverance session in which 22 evil spirits “purportedly left him.” After the session, the patient felt so affirmed in his masculine identity, he discarded his female clothing and canceled the operation. The doctors then followed the patient for another two-and-a-half years and were amazed to see a clear reversal of gender identity, something they had never seen before or heard about in psychological literature.

Their conclusion: “What cannot be denied however, is that a patient who was very clearly a transsexual by the most conservative criteria assumed a long-lasting masculine gender identity in a remarkably short period of time following an apparent exorcism.”

Whether we use the term, “ask an angel,” a harmless sounding phrase or use the more insider term, “seek your spirit guide,” to deal with spiritual forces apart from considering evil and good can have undesirable consequences. I believe in a larger world outside the five senses in which spiritual forces interact with creation. The people at Inner Harmony Massage also believe this but think that any spiritual energy is good. Doctors and psychiatrists are warming to prayer for healing but are also discovering that there’s an evil side as well.

Putting psychic phenomena at the Elburn Community Center, where children regularly congregate, is something townspeople might want to consider carefully. Even if some good can be shown, it only takes a small amount of arsenic in the coffee to kill. This stuff isn’t harmless.

Gary Augustine
Pastor, Evangelical Fellowship