Township workers have one less job

By on June 25, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
KANEVILLE—Township Supervisor Leon Gramley and Township trustee Dan Ebert are currently holding only one township position as of June 10.

In addition to their elected township board positions, Gramley had been chosen as the Kaneville Township Cemetery treasurer and Ebert as a Kaneville Township Fire District Board member by a public vote at the township’s recent annual town meeting.

However, a letter sent to the township from the State’s Attorney’s office in April stated that it had come to their attention that the men held both positions, something not allowed under state statute. Gramley said neither he nor Ebert realized there was anything wrong with holding both positions.

Since the Township Supervisor position pays $8,000 a year and the cemetery position is strictly voluntary, Gramley said choosing which one to keep was a no-brainer. Township trustees are paid about $100 a month and the Fire District positions are volunteer positions.

“Now that it’s come to our attention, it will be done correctly,” Township clerk Kim Wendling said.

The proper way to fill the two positions is through a vote by the Township Board. At its June 10 meeting, the board appointed Paul Dunaway for the Fire trustee spot. Gramley said he will continue his cemetery responsibilities until the board confirms a candidate.