Break-in is attempted at purple store

By on June 25, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
KANEVILLE—The peaceful environment of Kaneville was shattered on Friday morning, along with the front window at the purple store. Sometime about 3 a.m., someone took the large antique milk jug on the side of the store and broke the large pane.

“Glass was everywhere,” Hill’s Country Store owner Pat Hill said. “I had to throw all the ice cream away.”

Hill said she couldn’t tell whether the person was able to enter the store. She said it didn’t look like they took anything.

She said whoever it was cut the screen in the back of the store, in an attempt to enter there, but was prevented by bars across the door.

She ran down to the store as soon as she heard what had happened.

The Kane County Sheriffs were there within 10 minutes, Hill said.

“Three squads responded,” she said. “I was impressed.”

The officers took fingerprints off of the milk jug and are going to investigate.

“They said it looked like someone was really mad,” she said.

Hill said she doesn’t understand how someone could do what they did.

“I’m always so nice to people,” she said. “I give the kids free Slushies when I empty the machine and free pizza. I feel personally violated.”

She said the upstairs tenants heard the noise, but were too afraid to do anything. The neighbor across the street told the police she saw two figures in hoodies running down Main Street.

She said the neighborhood customers who frequent the store are upset, as well. The community has come to feel a certain ownership of the store, which has evolved into a gathering place in the middle of town.

She said one of the residents wanted to put a smiley face on the boarded-up window, with the word “Why” written on it.

Katie Holloman, who works at the store, said the incident has made her somewhat nervous. She said Hill has been sending someone to the store to be with her when she is ready to close up for the night.

Hill said she was looking into a security system and possibly a camera.

“It isn’t Mayberry anymore,” she said.

Photo: A window shattered during an attempted break-in at Hill’s Country Store in Kaneville is boarded up and awaiting replacement. Photo by Susan O’Neill