Wittenberg accepted into professional vet medical program

By on July 1, 2009

Lora Ellen Wittenberg was accepted into the professional veterinary medical program, which leads to a degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, at Colorado State University for the fall, 2009 term.

Lora was among 138 students selected for the program from a pool of 1,834 applicants.

Selection is based primarily on academic achievement, familiarity with the many facets of veterinary medicine, and extracurricular and community activities. Lora graduated in 2005 from St. Charles North High School and received an undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences from Colorado State University.

The professional veterinary medical program at Colorado State University is ranked as one of the most outstanding veterinary medicine programs in the United States. Students receive intensive training in clinical and nonclinical aspects of veterinary medicine.

Wittenberg is the daughter of Craig and Kathy Wittenberg of Elburn.