My best man is my best friend

By on July 6, 2009

Regional—Many pet owners consider their pets a part of the family. If you are among this group, when you get married you want your family to be a part of your memorable day, right? What better way to do so than to have your pet be a member of the wedding party. But how can you be sure your pet will behave? You can’t, so hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. Above all, keep your sense of humor.

Many churches or other institutions may not allow pets on the premises. Check with the location where you are planning to hold the ceremony before making your pet a part of it.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow if you wish to include your pet in the ceremony:
• Be reasonable about your pet’s participation in the ceremony. Dogs are the most likely to be included in a wedding—just make sure they are well trained. They can serve as best man, maid of honor, ringbearer, usher or doorman (just make sure guests have an adequate supply of treats as a reward). Cats are less predictable and can be harder to control in a crowd, so their role might be best as an observer. Since they tend to flee quickly when they get spooked or enticed, it is best to secure them in a carrier or on a leash.
• Include your pets in the rehearsal activities. You may appear differently to your pet in a tuxedo or dress and spook them. So wear your tux or dress at least once in their presence before the ceremony.
• Choose appropriate attire for your pet. Getting a tux for your dog is not as hard as you might think. Websites like www.doggyduds .com can provide a custom fit within a week by mail. If you are going to have your pets dressed in costumes, try it on before the ceremony to see how they will react to wearing them. Do they try to take it off or gnaw on them? Maybe it would be best to just go with something simple like a bowtie collar.
• Have someone familiar with your pets be their chaperone. They can watch for signs of bad behavior and make sure your pets do not overindulge in people food. There is nothing wrong with your pets having their own food at the reception.
• Make sure your pets have been walked and given the chance to relieve themselves.

The bond between a human and their pet can be as strong as any human bond. Some even compare it to that of a parent and child. So it goes without saying that pets should be allowed to participate in the wedding ceremony and celebration of their masters.
by Ronda Addy, MultiAd Builder